Yana Horbachova
Qualified MBSR Teacher in Teaching

MBSR trainer and Qigong practitioner with 10 years of experience; works in the field of HR, specializing in building corporate culture and group dynamics.
The promoter of awareness in corporate management and professional development sphere.

Kyiv, Ukraine
* Yana has been working in major companies for 20 years. She knows and understands both the creative industry, advertising business and retail, as well as how these business areas trigger employees’ burnout and psycho-emotional stress.
* Came to Mindfulness to expand the experience gained while studying spiritual practices in India and China.
* Yana actively promotes Mindfulness in B2B. She believes the method brings humanity to the life of a person, his team and organization, helps to interact more meaningfully, be really into their work and become active participants in all aspects of their own life.
* Has been studying Qigong since 2011.
* Yana runs corporate, individual and group offline and online Mindfulness practices to reduce stress and to help to overcome challenging experiences.
I pay a lot of attention to informal practice and Mindfulness implicating into day-to-day routine and business.
I believe that mindfulness and meditation practices help to form vigilant involvement in the moment and wisen up every person.