Yulia Bobrova
Qualified MBSR Teacher

Voronezh, Russia
Mindfulness practitioner trainer, practicing consulting
psychologist, business coach and Yin Yoga certified teacher.

For the first time, Julia learnt about meditation at yoga classes in 2009 and from that very moment the practice became an integral part of her life. For more than ten years, Julia worked in one of the largest banks in Russia, she was engaged in the development of employees and managers, established educational programs and conducted trainings.

In 2019 Julia faced the challenge of burnout and depression. High workloads, problems in personal life, constant stress led her to dire consequences for physical and mental health. That’s why she prompted to participate in the MBSR program. Fortunately coped with difficulties, Julia started to conduct trainings as a teacher since 2021, as well as she taught meditation and mindfulness practices in individual sessions.

Intrigued by the practice of mindfulness movement, Julia became Yin Yoga certified teacher. This direction combines body work and mindfulness practice itself.

Mindfulness practices do not relieve from stress or pain, moreover they do not guarantee absolute happiness and ease. Mindfulness practices give something completely different: you are getting better and better at coping with life, with its challenges and uncertainties, with ups and downs. The rehearsal ends and you start living life, feeling every moment. Mindfulness helps bring harmony to the most important relationships with yourself and the world. Mindfulness is a choice that you make every second.