Viktoriya Sidareika
Qualified MBSR Teacher in Teaching

And she is psychologist, coach, body-oriented therapist, creator and facilitator of proprietory training sessions.

Moscow, Russia
Vita has earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology (RUDN, 2015) and graduate degree in Education (SPBGUFC, 2003). In 2012, she certification though International Erickson University Coaching Training (Canada). She has 7 years of work experience at the Altway Consulting and Business Education Centre. Vita continues to develop and improve skills in her profession and related areas.

Her work experience also includes 15 years in the fitness industry as a trainer, methodologist, and a manager. In addition, she presented at several International Fitness Conventions in Russia and Italy. She is a Certified Trainer in Body & Mind (pilates, yoga, somatics, NIA, MFR), dance and fitness programs.

Vita has been exploring psychology, awareness and spiritual development since she was 16 years old. He meditation experience goes back to 2010.
In addition to practicing mindfulness, she is currently practicing contemplative dance, somatics, conscious movement, and breathing to increase energy and productivity techniques.

Vita offers individual consultations as well as training sessions and seminars in psychology, bodily practices, and mindfulness.

Vita guides her clients in practicing mindfulness to reduce stress, improve well-being and quality of life, expand self-awareness and perception, as well as to improve their relationships with significant others.
"Helping my clients practice mindfulness and self-awareness is a big part of who I am. I see how daily mindfulness practice makes profound changes in how we think, helps shed illusions, and create a happier life," says Vita.

"Practicing mindfulness is a simple and effective tool that can help you reduce stress, stop your mind from playing tricks on you, and experience full multifaceted life. So, you can stop faking it, and be yourself.

I believe in each person and their reasons of being. I derive great personal satisfaction from supporting people on their self-awareness journey, giving my love and care, to help them tap into the unlimited potential within ourselves."
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