Svetlana Shepeleva
Teacher of Mindfulness practices, completes training as a teacher of the MBSR program, is trained as a teacher of yin yoga, founder of the community for the development of mindfulness and comprehensive development of the SOZNANIE project, organizer of three Festivals of Conscious Choice in Moscow #soznaniefest with a total number of participants of 5500 thousand people.

Moscow , Russia
11 years in corporations and 10 years of self-development led Svetlana to mindfulness and the creation of the project about mindfulness and comprehensive development of the SOZNANIE project.
After going on maternity leave in 2017, she decided to dive deeper into herself and find what is her calling. So, combining all her interests in one project, Svetlana held three large-scale festivals in 2 years, where TOP specialists from the field of healthy lifestyle, self-development, parenthood and ecology performed, opening up options for improving the quality of life for participants so that they could make their informed choices.
In 2020, Svetlana plunged into the study of mindfulness and after taking the MBSR course as a student, feeling the awakening from the "autopilot", decided to continue training as a teacher of mindfulness practices and make the development of mindfulness skills the foundation of the project.
After all, a person can develop all other spheres of life only when he is awake and can distinguish his desires from the imposed values. And mindfulness practices allow you to make your own informed choices.
The awakening comes instantly and irrevocably, you just can no longer perceive reality as it is presented to us. Living in a megalopolis, faced with people with glass eyes, performing "programs", I want to approach and gently wake up a person.
The opportunity to get a professional education in mindfulness teaching provides a structure that does not shake the system of this direction, but allows a person who is beginning to meditate to gently "remember himself" and stay in awareness.
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