Oksana Korolovych
Qualified MBSR Teacher in training

Psychologist PhD, psychotherapist in systemic approach. Facilitator, mediator. Training coach, supervisor.
An expert with 25 years of experience in systemic family psychology, trauma therapy and body-oriented therapy, transpersonal psychology.

Kyiv, Ukraine
Oksana Korolovych is the president of the LAGERTA INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY OF WOMEN. Founder and director of the «Oksana Korolovych Development and Educational Space».

A laureate of the All-Ukrainian Award «Woman of the Third Millennium».

Widow of the AFU officer.

An initiator and leading expert of the project for widows «Wives of the heroes».
In 2005, Oksana Korolovych founded the International Charity Foundation «Conscious Parenthood» and the «Association for Conscious Parenthood» and for 5 years she was the President of the Foundation and the Association Head.

Since 2015 she has been an expert, lead trainer and supervisor of international social charitable projects «HealthRight International» and the International Charitable Foundation «Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health» with the support of the UNFPA and UNICEF on the prevention of gender-based violence, on domestic violence counteraction (mobile teams and shelters), on support and rehabilitation of ATO veterans and captives who were tortured.

Oksana Korolovych is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Family Psychologists and the head of the Kiev city branch of the Ukrainian Association of Family Psychologists. She is also a member of the National Psychological Association (within the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations).

Oksana Korolovych is the author of scientific articles and books on psychology of men, psychology of women and psychology of relationships.
The main value in teaching for me is the opportunity to share the process of exploring life in its various and countless manifestations with those whom I teach.

When I share my knowledge with others, I help them open the door to consciously live their path. And when I do that, I feel the satisfaction that I am fulfilling the right Mission, which is not only about me in this world, but also about others.

I always continue to learn and be open to new things and to others. When I learn and master new tools, on the one hand, it gives me the opportunity to help myself on the path of my own development and conscious living of my path.

On the other hand, I study to help others – to help them walk their own path and expand their own awareness. As I always say, every person writes their own book of life. I only provide ink and a quill.
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