Natalia Ligai
I completed the first module TT1 MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), and am now permitted to teach Mindfulness meditation practices. I am currently in the process of training for a certificate to be able to teach the Mindfulness program, and am under the supervision of trainers Jasulana Abisheva and Tuire Shounen.

Krasnogorsk, Russia
I have a psychology-teacher diploma at Moscow State University, as well as experience working with children and adults, including teaching groups of people. In my work I have practiced an individual approach, focusing attention on the strengths of a person, thus helping them reveal their creative potential and discover their inner resources.

I believe that a person should be in an environment where they have the right to make mistakes. I also believe that creating an inspiring and non-criticizing atmosphere for them will allow the individual to begin their path to healing their soul and body, and the revival of love to themselves and others. I began to meditate in 2003, and since then, meditation is an integral part of my.

I began to meditate in 2003, and since then, meditation is an integral part of my life in situations where I need to calm down, find the answers to my questions, and even to restore my health.
My goal is to help people ease out of stressful situations, increasing awareness and practicing a careful and kind attitude towards themselves. I am inspired by the scientifically sound, eco-friendly and accessible 'Mindfulness' method, and most importantly, I teach it to other people. I like it when a person becomes confident in themselves and can get out of difficult situations with dignity, while taking responsibility for their own life.