Natalia Bazhenova (Cholak)

Mindfulness teacher, psychologist, life coach, hatha-yoga instructor. Provides MBCT program and MBSR meditations, own programs for managing stress and emotions.

Istanbul, Turkey
  • Natalia has been teaching mindfulness and mindfulness meditation for more than 5 years. A certified hatha yoga instructor Natalia has more than 10 years of personal practice. She is currently practicing under the guidance of a spiritual master. She is providing 8 weeks MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) course, MBSR meditation, she is teaching meditation both in secular and spiritual format.
  • As a well experienced in the corporate companies as a HR manager and HRD, she knows well the stressful corporate life and she provides her own programs to reduce stress and how to manage emotions through the mindfulness. As a teacher of mindfulness practice, she participated in projects of companies: Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, MTS, LG, Oriflame, Cherkizovo Group,, Google, Strelka Institute, Butterfly Children Charity Foundation. Currently she is expert in teaching mindfulness and is coaching in the program of transformational leadership "EVOLUTION"
  • Natalia lives in Istanbul, leading her regular hatha yoga classes, daily online meditation practice, psychological and coaching counseling.
  • Certified MBSR meditation teacher, Mindful Academy Solterreno, 2020
  • Teacher of the MBCT program (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) CBTA, St.Petersburg, 2019
  • Diploma of Psychologist-consultant in transactional analysis, Moscow Institute of psychoanalysis, 2018
  • Certified coach in transactional analysis. ICU, Moscow Institute of psychoanalysis, 2018
  • Certified consultant in Transactional Analysis (EATA) TA 101, 2017
  • Certified coach, ICF, Erickson International University of coaching, 2017
  • Certified hatha-yoga instructor, Moscow University of yoga, diploma 2016
  • Graduated from the Institute of psychology and sociology with a bachelor degree in psychology, 1987
  • For more than 15 years she worked in various manager positions in HR
When I first learned about mindfulness meditation in 2013, I wished as many people from business life as possible who are far from the spiritual practices to learn about the tools that would help them cope with their daily and chronic stresses that every person faces in business life, so that they could improve their life quality, become healthier and happier. By that time, I had been already practicing yoga and meditation and could feel all the beneficial effects of the practices. And then, I learned about the practice of mindfulness, which allows you to talk about meditation without any philosophical, ideological, religious context, or even from a scientific point of view. When I learned how helpful and accurate the experience of applying mindfulness practices as a corporate training in many companies around the World, I realized that it is something that can be done in Russia as well. Of course, as an HR, I understand that not every company is ready to implement such programs, it requires a proper level of the organizational development and a certain corporate culture and the mindset. I am sure that there are a lot of people interested in improving their own lives.

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