Nikita Aronov
Qualified MBSR Teacher in training

Meditation and stress reduction coach. Marketing manager with a degree in engineering. 13 years in business. Mentor in Marketing for entrepreneurs. Marketing speaker at the British Higher School of Design. Understands the stress entrepreneurs and managers face everyday. Helps them to work with it.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Nikita Aronov was trained MBSR practices under the guidance of Bobrova Julia in 2022. Became a meditation and stress reduction trainer under the guidance of Zhassulan Abishev in 2023. He has been in private practice since 2020. Understands the stress level entrepreneurs and managers face on the daily bases. Helps to work with it.
Freedom of thought is really important to me. In day-by-day work and meditation practices I try to give maximum freedom and space to others. I appreciate openness and honesty, willingness to work and developed emotional intelligence. Inspired by people-entrepreneurs and true managemers, who are focused on creation and development but not on survival in the corporation. I totally understand the stress level these people go through on the daily basis. I love working with them, sharing my experience in marketing, business and knowledge of self-preservation through meditation practices (MBSR).
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