Liubov Uimanova
Qualified MBSR Teacher

Certified mindfulness Teacher.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), attention management techniques, meditation practices. Managing partner (IT company), sales consulting, conscious business management.

Saint Petersburg, Russia
- Specialing: individual stress reduction sessions based on MBSR, personal trainer.
- corporate management, personal management for CEO
9 years of work in IT company management, physical trauma, constant stress and high loads have led to severe consequences for physical and psychological health. In an attempt to find a tool to help myself, I went through various spiritual and psychological practices. The fascination with neuroscience has led to the results of research the effects of meditative practices on the brain and, in particular, the MBSR program. From that moment practice has become an integral part of my life.
-intergrate MBSR into everyday life, wake up from the autopilot state, simple language about the work of the brain
- For those who consider meditation a "dance with a tambourine".
I am fond of sports and kriya yoga.
Mindfulness for me is not just awareness in every moment, it is a system of psychology. I consider the practice of MBSR as a method for balancing, consistency and emotional balance, strengthening attention, maintaining health and developing neuroplasticity. Practice helps to realize that all phenomena of our mind - emotions, thoughts, images, sensations, arise in the subjective space of the mentality under the influence of processes external to it, it can be the surrounding world or body processes. This is a different view for the life itself. Ancient hacking of reality in modern times, something that changes the attitude for the life itself.