Lisa Shichkova
Qualified MBSR Teacher

MBSR Teacher. ESL Teacher. Ambassador of mindfulness in education and professional development. Writer.

Tver, Russia
- Lisa has been working as an English Second Language teacher for more than 10 years and knows about stress and burnout firsthand.
- Got acquainted with mindfulness because of serious health issues which were caused by a high level of stress at work. Through mindfulness she returned to a healthy, fulfilling life.
- Lisa actively popularizes mindfulness in the field of education, implements the basics in her lessons, especially international language exams preparation courses.
- Has been doing yoga since 2012 (the Iyengar method).
- Lisa leads individual and group online mindfulness practices to reduce stress and living through challenging experience. She runs seasonal online self-care skills marathons.
- She actively participates in translation and editing of articles and films about mindfulness into Russian.
- Having experienced all the benefits of a mindful life, Lisa decided to share this skill with her students, colleagues, and all people looking for harmony in the modern world.
Personally, I see mindfulness as the balance that you learn to keep as you walk along a thin wire between two skyscrapers. The incredible beauty of the sky and earth is around you. Within you there are all the strengths and weaknesses of your body and mind. A strong wind starts blowing from time to time, which you cannot control but you can dance with it. Sometimes thoughts and fears about the past and future overwhelm you, but you are at an incredible height, and your story is not about them now. This is a wonderful journey along a challenging path. This is what a conscious life is.

The most valuable point about mindfulness is that it is available to everyone at any time, like riding a bike or making a pie. Even if you have never been able to do this, you can always learn how to.

The MBSR programme inspires me by its simplicity and accessibility to everyone, regardless their age, nationality and religion. Moreover, I find its group format extremely engaging and mind-opening as it helps us to see the commonality of our human experience. We lack it in the modern world which is so focused on productivity and excellence.