Ilya Soifer
Meditation teacher, psychological counseling tools developer, coaching chatbot developer, writer, methodologist. Popularizes secular attitude to mindfulness and self-awareness practices, evidential psychotherapy methods and critical thinking. Co-founded community R-value.

Moscow, Russia
Ilya's interest in awareness originated from martial arts. For a period of time Ilya searched for the ways to develop awareness through movement and deepening the understanding of the ways to increase well-being and self-understanding via one's body.

Ilya was dissatisfied with mystic and esoteric explanations and the limitations and biases they imply. Therefore, he started cooperating with psychologists and rationalists researching into more grounded and evidential attitudes to self-understanding and self-support. Ilya works as develops coaching and counseling chatbots that help people with their everyday struggles, self-understanding and productivity. He has written a few books, elaborated courses and programs on the mentioned above subjects. He is also an author of therapeutic games used by counseling psychologists worldwide.

In his attempt to help people he has co-founded R-value – a community based on humanistic values and rational thinking, aiming to popularize effective and evidential methods of improving one's well-being.
I really like when there are balanced and happy people around me. To fill my surroundings and the city in which I live with as many of these people as possible, I began to popularize and teach meditation, because by my own example I was convinced that meditation helps to become a wiser, calm, kind and generous person.
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