Dmitriy Nikitin
Meditation instructor; Digital Detox expert; Founder «Meditation space «Osnova Osnov»», founder «Digital Detox camp for adults».

Russia; Kazan
In 2014, Dmitry worked on the negative impact of digital and information technologies on people. At the same time, he first became acquainted with the practices of mindfulness and began to use them as one of the tools to increase his own effectiveness.

Later, when the Digital Detox camp project was launched, Dmitry sank deeper into the topic of secular meditation and began to popularize this topic among his guests.

Today Dmitry is an instructor of mindfulness practices, an ideological inspirer and co-founder of the company OSOZNANNOST Project. The company organizes classes in meditation, yoga, bodily practices, as well as production and sale of paraphernalia for meditation.
I really like when there are balanced and happy people around me. To fill my surroundings and the city in which I live with as many of these people as possible, I began to popularize and teach meditation, because by my own example I was convinced that meditation helps to become a wiser, calm, kind and generous person.
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